The Mission Statement of the COalition of Local Governments for Environmental Initiative

Although the Japanese local governments vary with scales and regional characters, many have participated in the COalition of Local Governments for Environmental Initiative(COLGEI).  We all aim at following mission.

Promotion of local environmental policies

We realize that the basic municipalities play the important role to solve the global environment problems. Coming from this realization, we aim at further promotion of environmental policies at the same time, we appeal whole nation’s local governments to exert the initiative in environment policies. We also set the common targets for each environmental theme, and we promote the local governments to tackle with the achievement.

Promotion of human network on environmental issues

We promote human network interested in environmental issues beyond the sector differences, by holding annual convention at May.  At this general meeting, the citizens, the entrepreneurs, the researchers, and the administrative people from the whole Japan share their activity reports and discuss on various environmental themes.  We also issue the newsletters and held some seminars etc.

Promotion of the environmental projects

We tackle with the environment policy making and practicing, making best use of each local resource.

We share data obtained from the measure, and also we organize special committees and sectional meetings on the common issues for members, and held the surveillance study and the proposal activities towards project enforcement.

Creation of the place of social appeal

We make the places for local governments to positively influence the society, such as performing proposal activities as the COLGEI, toward the issues recognized as important with the steering committee.